Things that are happening this year:

I’m on a super wonky diet because Oliver has been diagnosed with a plethora of food sensitivities. This first month is the most restrictive (I’ll spare you the gory details), but for 6+ months I will be dairy, soy, chicken, zucchini, apple, sweet potato, scallion, sorgum and brewers yeast-free. Also gluten free for the duration of our time breastfeeding, and Oliver will likely be GF his whole life. We haven’t started solids with him yet, but considering the mess his gut is in already, we’ll probably be delaying beyond 6 months old.

We’ve started assembling a home gym. This has actually been in the works for a while, but January brings out all the good sales for New Year’s Resolution-ers. So, so, SO excited to get my lift on again!

Other assorted non-resolution goals. Brandon got me a sweet gift pack of classes at our local yoga studio, plus I’ve committed myself to 100 practices in 2015. (I’m being realistic though, even a 10 minute practice before bed is great.) Also I’m attempting to do pushups every day. They’re great for upper body and core strength, which are both sorely lacking since being pregnant. Finally I’m still working on a reading list for the year, spending less time on my computer, getting Nora potty trained (heh, we’ll see), and some spending less/saving more financial goals.

I’m sure this all sounds very humdrum but I’m super stoked to get things started on a positive note. Self improvement is kind of a big deal for me, and now that our little family feels complete, it’s time to invest back in myself!



So with less than two weeks until the wedding, I’ve been really feeling the pressure to make everything go perfectly. I feel like when that inevitable thing goes wrong, it sure as hell better not be because I overlooked a critical detail. Only freak accidents and babies allowed.
I feel crazy. If I don’t write something down as soon as I think of it, it’s likely to be forgotten moments later. If I’m lucky it will come back so I can write it down then. Or Brandon (aka Life-Saver) will remind me.
The funniest thing is, though, yesterday he thanked me for being so organized. Which, I guess, I really am. I made myself a ‘master’ to-do list, and then used post-its to do daily lists and keep myself focused and a tiny bit less overwhelmed. And best of all, for the most part I’ve been getting each list done every day, so even though there’s a new list of things to do in the morning, I can still feel accomplished. If only for a few moments.
My diet is struggling at best, though. And my sleep is erratic and filled with dreams of my lists and random things that could go wrong. Like forgetting to shave. Speaking of forgetting: forget exercising. Although that might help me chill too. (Putting ‘go for a walk’ on my to-do list now.)
I think I need to make myself a schedule for the day of, with thing like “eat”, “drink water” & “pee” so I can hold it all together though the home stretch.
I’m not sure what else to do to make myself relax. I might go get a massage later this week. Regardless, it will all be over soon. In the best possible way.

Still busy!

This week has been just as busy as I thought it would, but I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that once the puppy actually gets here, we’ll be able to take a step back and breathe.
Exercise: ha! I spent three hours in the car yesterday after work, thanks to a nice snowstorm and necessity to pick up my dress from my mom’s house and bring it home. (Decided that I had to get it done before Saturday because I didn’t want to attempt to juggle handling the dress and the dog!)
Food: Been doing pretty good except dinner last night. I wasn’t at all hungry when I left the house at 5:30, but by 7, as I was getting ready to leave Warsaw, I was starving. Fast food got me home, and left me feeling all sorts of bloated this morning. Ah well.
Mental health: eh. I got my period this week, so my emotions have been running a little high. But I’m not overly manic/depressive considering. My biggest stress right now is actually wedding stuff. I’m fine as long as I don’t think about it, but with the wedding FOUR MONTHS AWAY, I have to think about it. I’ve considered going to the doctor to see about getting a medication to get me through the next few weeks, but that might be overkill. Or maybe not. We’ll see.


Today: good for eating, bad for stress level. No gym. Uh-gain.
Work was exhausting, playing catch-up and all. And in my head, a mess is brewing. It’s not a huge problem, by any means, but it’s distracting. And a bit too personal to delve into on here, so in my head it will remain until I sort it out.


Today was quite the food cluster.
Still out of soy milk, I ran to Starbucks first thing in the morning (aka 10:30) for a latte and a muffin. Apple bran muffins are my favorite there: lots of fiber and fruits, and worth the fat for how filling they are.
Wandered around to Borders and then took Brandon some lunch, and headed back outside to Jefferson Point to do some perusing of wedding jewelry. Book-less and jewelry-less, I did find some bargains at Old Navy, and then met my friend to do some more running around. We did stop for a cocktail and then some coffee and shameless TV relaxing.
Finally headed home to collect Brandon and get dinner. We were going to go to get gyros at one of our favorite Greek places, Friends, but for some reason they were actually closed. So we headed down the road to another Greek place, Liberty Diner. They actually have a HUGE menu with lots of other things on it, so I decided to have a turkey breast sandwich on a croissant, and fruit. It was remarkably delicious. Not to mention the bite of cheesecake I stole from Brandon!
A trip to Lowe’s and Meijer later, and I’m finally home to stay.
It’s almost my bedtime, so I’m going to foam roll my very sore legs and do it again in the morning too.
Still a little unsure what I’m going to be able to do at the gym tomorrow since I’ll be even more sore yet. At least some cardio and core work, for sure.
Oh yeah, gotta pack my lunch still too! Yay for being prepared!


We’re sitting in the dark this evening because the power was knocked out during a storm. Not entirely in the dark; Brandon is making his way around with matches & candles, and it’s still an hour at least before sunset. He swears that by lighting them, the power will come back on. Perhaps.
Earlier we had dinner at O’Charley’s with Brandon’s dad, step-mom, brother & sister-in-law for a little early Father’s Day celebration. Since I’d known about this for a while, I took some time yesterday to look up the nutrition information online. (I can’t wait until the ‘nutrition facts’ law goes into affect & all that information is printed on the menu.) It’s shocking.
The real killer though is the salt. My tortilla chicken salad (w/o dressing) had around 610calories, but also an entire day’s worth of salt. (It was also way too big to eat the whole thing.) And I tasted the tortilla strips AND the chicken separately. Definitely more salt on the chicken. Why?
The craziest thing was right before we all went to dinner, Angie was asking me how to lose weight. Count calories. It’s that simple. I know she gets lots of exercise, but she says she’s still gaining weight anyway. 3 dinner rolls at 180 calories each is almost as many as my whole meal.
It’s not her fault, though. Not entirely anyway. We’re conditioned to eat like this. If it’s there and it looks savory, we eat it all. And we add salt to everything. Well I don’t when I cook, but that’s for myself and Brandon. A lot of the cooking he had growing up was overly salty, so he’s ok with our low-sodium versions.
It’s no wonder we have an obesity epidemic on our hands. I just can’t wrap my brain around an answer. It’s depressing.
Even if I can make these choices for myself, I can’t do anything about anyone else’s decisions. I cook for Brandon, but he can add whatever he wants to his plate. Luckily he makes pretty good choices too.
But how far will this go? How sick can we get?