About Rachael

I’m 31 years old, wife to my awesome husband, and mom to my crazy-wonderful toddler daughter and sweet baby son.

I also work from home, juggling parenting, housekeeping, and of course taking care of myself. I have a weakness for shoes, bags, and shopping in general. We recently relocated to a quiet small town outside Fort Wayne, Indiana. We’re pretty obsessed with this little town and all its charms.

A few years ago I had a wake up call to make some drastic changes in my life. Since then I’ve lost a pretty substantial amount of weight (and gained some back, thank you pregnancies). But more importantly I’ve found a secret love of bettering myself through good choices, including with my diet and exercise. I fall off the wagon regularly, but I always seem to find my way back.

I have an amazing family. I like to talk about how cool they are a lot.

If there was ever a hard way and an easy way to do something, I’m most likely to take the hard way.

I also like to write: to vent, gush, ponder and seethe. Blogging has been an outlet for many of these things, even when they are very personal. If you don’t like it, read something else.

One constant has shaped my outlook and perspective through all of these things, though: the desire to grow and become a better person. Even though I’ve probably failed as often as I’ve succeeded, this is the real thing.

So yes, this blog is all about me, my struggles, and hopefully, my successes as I search out the best version of myself.

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