I’m sorry. I know I fell off the earth. Again. I just couldn’t write what I wanted to write when I thought we might be pregnant, and then once it was official, I was so lost in the symptoms of exhaustion and nausea, I could barely keep my life going forward and be a parent, let alone write about it. So here we go with everything that has happened in the mean time. I’ll try to do a few updates in the next few days with all the highlights, but the major bullet points are:
-We’re having a baby. In September.
-Nora is TWO FRIGGIN YEARS OLD. How did that happen?
-We really need to sell our old house.
-We had a semi major catastrophe at our new house that STILL isn’t all the way fixed.

I’m sure there’s lots of other cool stuff I’m skipping over. But… pregnancy brain. Can’t help it. More later, loves!