A Gift

It’s been fully two months since I’ve taken on this ‘vegan-ish’ diet, so I’m probably due to give a status update.
The craziest thing so far is all the weight I’ve lost: 18 lbs in 8 weeks. I honestly don’t know how. I’ve been eating plenty, because I simply cannot function when I’m hungry. (It quickly escalates to “hangry”, especially when things are not going well with the child. Or the dog. Or even the cats, if I’m honest.) So yes I eat. I have bread, and pasta, and even the occasional cookie if its been one of those days. Plus I simply cannot jeopardize my milk supply by under-eating.

I actually am below my prepregnancy weight finally, less even than my wedding day, according to my records of obsessive calorie counting & dieting. I won’t kid you though, I’m still far squishier than I was that day since I was working out constantly then, and had seriously good muscle tone.
(Have you all seen this picture?)
(What about this one?)
(Crazy, huh!?)

Anyway, beyond weight, I feel good. Great even, when Nora lets me get a half decent night’s sleep. I don’t stress about food on a daily basis, and I don’t struggle with guilt over my less than perfect choices. The only tricky thing I’ve struggled with is eating out. Right now there’s a great vegan restaurant down the street from us, and a few other places that offer vegan options on the menu. But when we go to someone’s house or even another person’s choice of restaurant, I have had to snack before and/or after just to get a decent meal besides side salad. But I can deal with that, and it’s getting easier to remember to make a plan for those situations.

The next thing to do is have some blood work done, both for Nora and myself, to make sure we aren’t developing any nutrient deficiencies. I am really not worried though because I’m still taking prenatal vitamins for breastfeeding, and she’s become very agreeable about taking her gummy multivitamin too. But better safe than sorry.

So in the name of full disclosure, I did have a hamburger last week. I’d been feeling curious for a few days what it would taste like now, and it wasn’t good. Kinda gross even, but that’s pretty much what I expected. I felt kind of sad after, but not guilty, at least. I had the answer to my question and that has some value. I do sometimes miss the convenience of meat, and even the idea of the taste (at least the taste I remember). But I don’t really want to eat it. I’ve found a lot of peace and satisfaction these past couple of months, and no burger or steak or even bacon is worth trading in that gift.