So… Long time, no update, huh?

Well we are busy. Beyond busy really, but good. Nora has been making us rethink our ideas about baby proofing almost daily. But we still make it from one day to the next without major incident.

We got her allergy tested recently, and it came back positive for dairy, cats, and dogs, primarily. None of these are much of a surprise, so she gets to eat the same as me, and we bought some air purifiers to help with the pets.

Another more unusual thing we’re trying out is not eating meat. Well, I’m trying anyway. And Nora, because I put the food on her plate. And Brandon because I plan the menu and do most of the cooking.

Actually he is a lot more on the same page as me than I expected. It’s his fault, anyway, since he got on a food documentary kick, and then we started juicing and reducing our meat intake. And then I started reading a book I’ve had on my shelf for about 3 years, called The China Study, and just decided to give it a whirl. Just eat plant-based, “whole” foods.

It seems pretty simple. As long as you’re willing to keep an open mind and try new things. (Granted, a lot of people aren’t ready to overcome this first hurdle!) I told Brandon that I might make a few terrible dinners while I sort all this out, and at least he’s willing to try new dishes as long as I attempt to consider his preferences. I seriously doubt we will ever give up animal products altogether. Even though Nora and I cannot have any dairy, I’ve already found that eggs are hard to avoid completely. And then there’s the matter of my great love for sushi. I can pretty much give up all the amazing and savory steaks and burgers and sausages and everything else. But once in a great while, I will probably indulge in my fishy obsession.

Even with these exceptions, it’s a pretty big change. I feel better though. I can eat and feel nourished. I don’t know how else to describe it. We eat so many plants, our grocery cart is filled with them and we’re getting the Green Bean Delivery, too!

I know this choice seems like a hard one, but it really wasn’t. So many of us want to just feel better: look better, move better, have more energy, not worry about disease, etc. And this whole foods, plant-based diet addresses all these things. I would very strongly encourage anyone who is looking to better themself to read that book, The China Study. It clearly and scientifically enumerates the way our diet fails us and demonstrates how to heal ourselves with better nutrition. No matter how hippie-dippy that may sound, the evidence is laid out in study after study. It’s pretty compelling.

All that aside, it’s our choice (ahem, MY choice.) And it’s still very much an experiment in process. I’ve attempted more than a few lifestyle changes over the years, each time learning a little more about myself. Hopefully this sticks around for a while, because it feels pretty great!


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