Tempting fate

Tomorrow I will be sticking a turkey in the oven and keeping my fingers crossed that the meat thermometer I ordered on Amazon arrives in time.

Clearly I enjoy pressing my luck.


4 thoughts on “Tempting fate

  1. Well, did it arrive?

    Over the past 12 years I’ve been involved with or actually cooked a turkey, I’ve never used a meat thermometer.

    We just follow instructions.

    No one has died, except Jimmy.

  2. Obviously you don’t live with the kind of OCD that resides in our house. Also, since we feed our dinner to Nora too, we tend to play it super safe 🙂

  3. O.C.D. in My House!!!???

    I had to give that up a dozen years ago when every drawer became a “junk drawer”.

    Which is another reason we have 2 separate joint checking accounts.

    I have a favorite pair of scissors that she uses more than me and she nearly always returns to my dresser drawer.

    So did the meat thermometer arrive ?

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