Dear Nora, Today Sucked

Today you are cutting your first tooth teeth. Two of them. At the same time. And it sucks, for both of us. Your mood oscillates between your usual happy adventurous self, and a nearly inconsolable ball of tears and pain. Also, you have lost most of your interest in napping & eating, and only do either out of dire need.

So since we are in this moody boat together, little lady, I figure we ought to try to focus on the positives.

Like just last weekend you figured out how to get sitting up on your own. And then not two days later I hardly see you doing little else. You’ve also been pulling up to stand a lot, and insist that everyone take turns holding your hands while you walk everywhere. Also: you have zero interest in crawling, though that hardly stops you from getting around. You’ve developed your own inch-worm/rolling method that suits you just fine. For now, anyway.

Before this recent bout of teething, you were also getting pretty dang good at feeding yourself. Your favorite foods right now are avocados and mangoes, but you also enjoy nice cold cucumber sticks and roasted bell peppers too.

You have also become very social these days, people watching and babbling with pretty much anyone who strikes your fancy. Everyone loves to compliment your big blue eyes, and notices how happy you are

So despite the suffering you’re going through right now, Nora, being 7 months old really does seem to suit you.