I almost didn’t want to share this post. This list seemed like a bunch of selfish whining about a choice I very deliberately made, and sacrifices I willingly accepted. But the thing is, they are sacrifices, and I’m entitled to miss certain things from time to time. And if I didn’t, I’d have to wonder how committed I was to being a good mother.

So, in no particular order, here’s a list I made the other night when Nora decided sleep was for sissies.

Things I miss:

Having the bed to ourselves
Getting to pee whenever I want
Ridiculously long showers
Social drinking
Social eating
Social BEING
Going to the gym (really!)
My pre-pregnancy body
Wearing cute clothes
Regular bras
Too much coffee
Sleeping 12 hours straight
Road trips
Really loud music

The great thing is, after making this list (and getting more than a couple of hours of sleep), I realized that I had made the right choice. I would never really want to trade places with my “old life”. What I have now is so much more amazing. And many of these things will come back in due time, I just have to be patient and savor these fleeting moments with my sweet baby.


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