I can tell we’re getting to the beginning of the end of this pregnancy, because I’m acting exactly like I did in the weeks before the wedding.

I have a master to-do list, and each week I make myself a little (HA) list based off of that. It keeps me focused when I’m spinning. Bad things happen when I’m spinning, trust me. Also, I put everything on my calendar, even the little fun stuff that you’d think I’d never forget. Because I would. It’s ok though, despite all the lists and details and schedules, I’m still really enjoying being pregnant.

I also realized what I want to be doing in my early labor “live your life” hours, besides taking a nap. I’m going to the grocery store, and making snacks. Just because I’m giving birth soon doesn’t mean I’m going to be a bad hostess. I kept it very simple, and Brandon will be able to help, but making food for people is one of those little things in my world that make me happy and keep me focused. At some point(s), I do expect someone will tell me to slow down or take a break and try to sleep. At least that’s how I’m told it will go. But there is a plan to help pass the time.

One of the other lists I’m probably too proud of is our grocery shopping list. It’s the list of basic items I look for in our house every week before we do our shopping… stuff we use all the time or need fresh each week. This list has lived in my head, in various forms, for years, the only additions are ingredients for the dinners I plan to cook during the week. But since I’ve started a massive project to have a few weeks worth of dinners in the freezer, this list should be all Brandon needs to run to the store without even consulting me. I’m so genius.

The last big list is a ‘what’s in the freezer’ list. I realized that just because I know what’s in the freezer, doesn’t mean Brandon knows what’s in the freezer. And if he finds a couple of things he likes, he might decide to eat all the good stuff first, leaving us with a week of things he’s going to complain about. So there’s a master list, complete with the number of servings he can check off each time he pulls stuff out. All I have to do now is finish putting things in.

Maybe, just maybe with all of this preparation and planning, those first few days and weeks will fly by in a mildly sleep deprived, but never hungry, blur!


One thought on “Checklists

  1. Very good! Although once again I see shades of me & Grandma Perry 🙂 (probably not proper English tho!) Lists are the lifeblood of keeping life organized! See you in a weekish!

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