Dear baby (34 weeks, 6 days)

Last Saturday, your dad & I finished up childbirth classes. It was weird to hear them say, “You’re ready for this now,” at the end of class. We left, and I thought about that the whole way home. Really? Am I? Are we?

When I woke up Sunday, I think it must have settled in, because I suddenly became obsessed not with the birth, but what the heck we’re going to do in the days and weeks following. I hadn’t really done any reading on breastfeeding, or talked about some kind of sleep schedule for your dad & I, or talked with a pediatrician (although we did have an appointment already).

I know next Saturday we’ll go back to a class that will help us answer all those questions, plus many more we hadn’t even thought of. But in the past few days, I can tell you’ve changed too. It’s gotta be getting tight inside there, because it feels pretty dang snug from out here. And I think you’re  settling down a bit lower in my hips, since I can almost trick myself into thinking that was a nice deep breath, and I have been getting up twice as often to pee. It’s ok though, you need the room since we’re still over a month away from your ‘official’ due date.

I’m a little intimidated by how I’m going to be able to fit the rest of you in here, but since it’s just a couple more weeks, I’m sure we’ll find a way. Our hearts, on the other hand, are just about ready to explode with love and excitement!


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