Sleeping, not sleeping, and weird dreams

There’s only one question I have been getting stuck on when it comes time for my check ups: “How are you sleeping?”

The short answer is “Well enough,” but deep down I know my schedule is completely hi-jacked by middle of the night trips to the bathroom, occasional heartburn, and most obnoxious of all, my own head. I couldn’t pinpoint one true source of stress (other than financial stuff which a. I’m not responsible for and b. I’ve been reassured a thousand times we’re doing just fine) so maybe just the fact that all of this is really about to happen is clogging up my brainwaves.

Lately, upon returning from a quick trip to the bathroom, I find myself lying in bed, wide awake wondering something completely random. Did I forget to mark something on the calendar? Did I get all my work done? Was there something else we forgot to pick up for the birth or the nursery? Are we running out of toilet paper?

If I were a normal person, I’d force myself to stay in bed and get back to sleep. But after several attempts at just that, and the  next morning Brandon complains about not sleeping well, I’ve just been getting up. Sometimes I’ll read, or surf the internet, or get some work done. Finally about two or three hours later I’m tired again and go back to bed. This probably happens a couple of times a week, and is almost without exception between 1 and 3am.

Then 6am rolls around, Brandon wakes up usually so do I, and when he leaves for work around 7, I go back to sleep for a couple more hours. Those last two hours rock, let me tell you. I have the whole bed to make myself and my giant belly comfortable in. It’s completely quiet and cozy, and that’s when the crazy dreams come. So far I’ve had two different dreams where I had a painless labor and gave birth practically without realizing it. The rest have been so full of random improbabilities, that I’ve lost track of all the bizarre details. (There was one about how my sister tried to induce her own labor with scuba driving…)

So when it all boils down, I get up for the day feeling refreshed (if confused), I sleep when I’m tired and I’m still pretty productive during the day. If I wasn’t working from home, I’d be a basket case. Sometimes I do wish my sleep was a little more consistent, but in my reality, that’s neither here nor there. The only real questions I have are about how this will affect my labor, and is this setting me up for more success or more failure when the baby is finally here, and needs attention every couple of hours. I suppose, rather than waste a bunch of time speculating, we’ll just see how this crazy experiment goes!


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