In some book Brandon read, nesting was described as the overwhelming desire to clean things.

This is not me.


I have been doing a lot more cleaning than usual (especially things that Brandon has managed to overlook/ignore), and my real obsession is organizing. I want everything stored away in a manner that will be functional later on, and provide room for expansion, since odds are we won’t be purging baby stuff any time soon. Did I mention it all had to be color coordinated with all the other nursery stuff? Yeah that too.

So while Brandon continues to deny my official ‘nesting’ status, he fully admits my crazy OCD over bins, boxes, shelving and general storage. The best part is, I can already see the end result in my head, so he gets dragged store to store with me, looking for the physical manifestations of what I see in my head. And he loves every minute of it. (Just kidding. This is worse than dress/shoe shopping to him, I’m sure.)

So while I’d love to share pictures of our amazing nursery all decked out just the way I want it, that’s just not going to happen yet. But as soon as I hit save, I’m headed back out into the cold to do some pre-scouting in hopes of saving Brandon from another entirely unsuccessful trip to TarWalMej-mart.


2 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. Hehehehe shades a la ta mere! (or something like that!) Now our husbands have more to commiserate on together while they watch some sport together!

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