I really don’t do resolutions for the New Year.

It seems a little arbitrary, and I make plenty of commitments to myself to do things better or differently the whole year through.


This past year has been a doozy, and the one upcoming, mind-boggling. With all the memories and hopes swirling around, I’m feeling extra sentimental (blame the pregnancy, if you wish) and I figured a few goals might help keep my sanity with all the chaos. So here are a few fairly attainable goals for 2012:

1.) Floss every day. Like really every day, not every day for a couple of months, then every two or three days, then on Saturdays, then not for a month and then start the cycle over again. Also, pack some floss in my purse again.

2.) Go to the gym 100 days in 2012. That’s about twice a week on average. Considering the new baby factor, I’d say that’s fairly reasonable. I know I’ll be playing catch up a lot over the summer once we all start settling down into a rhythm, and I’m okay with that. Summer will be setting up for some other big maybe’s in the fall.

3.) Get back to pre-pregnancy weight before we start trying for another baby. This one is a must for me, and I am going to need a lot of reminders when I start trying to rush things along. The one thing I feel like I could have done differently this time around was be better physically prepared for the stresses that my body is going to go through. Next time, I will know better, and getting off on the right foot always makes a big difference.

(And yes, there has been a little bit of talk about another baby very soon, but it’s just an idea we’re throwing around. Obviously we have no idea what life with Nora will be like and I, for one, want to see how that goes first.)

(And no, this is not just because my sister is pregnant again so soon. I happen to believe she stole the idea from me, since she originally  said she’d be waiting a year. *wink wink, love ya, Tiff!*)


4.) Read a book a month, for fun. This is almost pathetic, but again, with the baby… who knows how it will go. I’ve gotten really bad about starting books and not finishing them, too, even when they’re really good. So hopefully this will kick-start something I really want to do anyway.

Finally 5.) Drink plenty of summer beers. I feel like I’ve been complaining this ENTIRE pregnancy about missing out on all the great seasonal brews (and wine, and everything else for that matter). But I absolutely love all the light, crisp summer beers, and I may never recover from the loss this past year. Yes I’m being melodramatic, and for the sake of full disclosure, I did manage to enjoy a couple pints of Bell’s Oberon while we were honeymooning, but that’s all. Tragic.

So that’s it. Mostly don’t forget to take care of myself, and enjoy myself a little. If I can do all that, and have a baby, I’ll be considering 2012 a wild success!

Happy New Year!



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