Ok baby, here’s the good news. I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out what one of the causes of the worst heartburn ever is. (Seriously, I’m gagging, it hurts so bad. And that’s after 2 3 doses of Tums.) And it’s not coffee, which makes me want to leap for joy.

The bad news is… well there is multiple bad news. Right now, bad news is, I figured it out the hard way. I’m tired as hell but I can’t recline more than 15* back without feeling fire pouring over my chest. The other bad news is the actual cause… fruit juice. Last time I felt like this I had orange juice late in the morning and still felt like death most of the evening & into the night. This afternoon, I had a super delicious bottle of Green Goodness while I was out running errands. And then about 2 hours later, a volcano of lava erupted in my chest. Even though those two products don’t contain any of the same ingredients (that I can deduce), they both have a lot of citrus in them which is a pretty clear acid-y wake up call.

So, no we’re probably not sleeping much tonight, at least not until I can master this ‘sleep sitting up’ thing. Also, it’s just a bummer. I still have a few cans of V8 juice blends in the fridge that I had been hoping to use to get in extra vitamins/nutrients in a pinch, but this is sure as hell not worth it. Oh yeah, and I have grapefruit cups that are oh-so-delicious with an otherwise marginally healthy breakfast.


This kind of sucks.

Again, at least it’s not the coffee, which means tomorrow when I’m completely sleep deprived, I can drink a cup. Thank you for leaving me the coffee, baby. That means a lot.


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