Time machine

It’s almost a week into December already. It feels like September was just yesterday. And I’m sure February will be here tomorrow.

Every so often I am reminded that there’s a countdown to this  complete shakeup of our lives. Two will become three, sleep will become scarce, and we will become responsible for the shaping of a helpless baby into a positive force in society.

I know each day I choose what this life holds next, from filling up my schedule with appointments to dreaming up long term goals for our family. These days seem so surreal as a lot of our ‘some day’ plans become ‘today is the day’ manifestations. I’m not quite sure where the time warp occurred. Everything I’m told about parenting leads me to believe this effect will not be stopping any time soon.

I guess all I can do is remember to pause every so often & take stock of life and be thankful for so many blessings, make amends to people I’ve hurt, and hold on tight!


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