Dear baby (27 weeks)

Heartburn is a killer. Waking up in the middle of the night to find my chest on fire and a sudden urge to throw up hanging in the back of my throat: not fun. In fact, I’m glad you are a girl, because much like (I imagine) my mother thinks of me… turnabout is fair play.

That being said, I do sometime wonder if you’re making this a bit too easy on me. I still feel good enough to go to the gym, my hips and pelvis have not disintegrated into a source of constant agony, and you like to tickle me with lots of kicks and wiggles. Despite all my complaining, when people ask me how I’m feeling, I have to say… pretty great still! So, really, let’s keep that up, yes?

In just a few more days we’ll be able to say that we’ve finally made it to the third trimester. It’s crept up so fast on me, very much like the wedding did. Your dad & I were so gung-ho at the start, so we do have a lot of things ready. Still.. so many details to finalize. And things to clean around the house.

And now, this week it’s supposed to start snowing. I saw a few flakes flying around once a couple of weeks ago, but this is much more indicative of the real thing. Even though I’m more inclined to start worrying about our safety (and dad’s), maybe you can help me remember that we’ve already done everything we can to be prepared, and I might as well just enjoy some icy natural beauty for a while.


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