Gratitude day 26 (slacker edition)

Call it the post-feast hangover. Or the Christmas shopping tunnel vision. Whatever.

Speaking of shopping, I’m so glad that my shopping is done. Well, virtually, anyway. Brandon & I set a pretty reasonable budget year, agreeing that he would take care of the financial aspect, and I would ‘handle’ the actual picking out of gifts. It’s funny that it took me this  long to realize just how much he dislikes trying to pick out gifts, but I love the challenge, so it works well.

I will admit, the budget thing is a little hard for me. I love to shop for others as much as I love to shop for myself. But this year our finances are a lot different then in years past, especially with me only working part time. It’s very much a test of my will, but I know, particularly in our marriage, keeping the peace with money will pay off over and over in the long run.

Regardless, after a few hours of brain storming and a few more hours scouring the internet… it’s done. Now we can focus on the best part: enjoying time with our families!


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