Gratitude day 20

This month is just breezing by so quickly.

Tomorrow we have another exciting meeting with someone who may be able to play a huge role in this baby’s grand entrance. It’s kind of surreal how far down this road we’ve gone, exploring so many options and trying to find out what will be the safest and most peaceful way to go through this birth process.

I don’t quite know how to say what I’m thankful for tonight. I guess it’s for the knowledge and resources that keep coming into my path to help us along. And also for the support of so many friends, family, and even near strangers, to keep looking for the answers we need and find a place where we feel completely comfortable.

I know I’m still being vague, and I’m guessing that tomorrow’s meeting will be at least as revelatory and overwhelming as our meeting with the doula, so apologies in advance for no more than I’m leaving you with tonight. Soon, friends, we should have a plan, and bringing this baby into the world with utmost love and care will most certainly be part of it.



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