Gratitude day 19

I know I can’t give thanks for Brandon on here again (even though I do every day).  But I do want to give thanks for good communication. Or great, as I often feel I’m blessed with between us.

With his new job, and the baby, we’ve talked a lot about moving soon. The trouble is, this house still needs a fair amount of work, and one of the most expensive projects has come up next: the kitchen. We’ve gone back & forth on what exactly we want to do with it, how much is ‘enough’ or do we really absolutely have to do it at all? There are so many questions that our own negotiations simply will not answer, so we decided that we probably should at least talk with a real estate agent and find out what the low down and dirty really is.

Now I’ll admit I was just as gung-ho as he was about moving within the year after he started  his new job. Renovating this house has been kind of ugly at times and I’m ready to end the torture. However. We’ve also discussed the idea of starting to plan for a second child right away (not RIGHT away, but within a few months, not years). And all of this pressure has been starting to mount on Brandon as to  how we’re going to be able to pull it all off.

So finally he clued me in on just how frustrated he’s starting to feel with all of these directions he’s being pulled. And we talked it all through. And then we made a plan. Actually more of a plan on how to make a plan, but like I said, we’re going to need a little expert advice. And then at the end of the day, we came together as about as perfect a team as I could imagine, and we worked it out.

Now, not every time do we admit when things are stressing us out in time to avoid drama, but this was one time that really felt right because we were truly able to listen and help each other. And I couldn’t be more grateful.


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