How would you feel if someone told you that you had to go from couch potato to marathon runner in three months? Would you laugh in their face? Would you suggest maybe a 5k instead? But what if you had no choice? Panic? Start training and see what happens?

That’s pretty much where I’m at.

Now I don’t feel like my body is entirely at ‘couch potato’ level because I’ve been trying to keep up on some small amount of exercise and yoga, but once you factor in how ‘strong’ I feel shuffling around with this belly, and the pain in my hips, it mostly cancels out.

There have been times over the past year when I really did feel strong: when I was running (and not injuring my knee) almost every day and making huge cardio gains…  Or when I was really in my lifting groove, and pushing and pulling around my heaviest weights yet. But I got away from it when real life (mostly wedding stress & a new puppy) got in the way, and I haven’t been back.

I know, it’s not like I just found out I was pregnant and I should start kicking things up a notch. Of course when I was just finding out, I was also utterly exhausted and nauseous every day for three and a half months. And since then, I’ve been exercising to manage pain, but that’s about it.

The good news is I feel like I could be stronger, even with this growing belly I’m sporting. I just have to get serious about training. (Training for childbirth… now THAT sounds equally ridiculous and intimidating.) It’s going to hurt at first; it always does. But how much more will it hurt if I’m not ready?

(Yes, I know that plenty of women who are not in great physical shape give birth all on their own power every day. But there are other goals for me as a person, not just me as a new mother, that will be much easier to reach if I give myself a head start now. Not the least of which is getting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes.)

And I know me: it’s easier to sit on the couch, to complain about being tired, to say “Hey, I just had a baby, I deserve a break.” But I also know I’m at high risk for postpartum depression, and feeling like a grumpy, unattractive slob will not help.  So for my mental and emotional well being, as well as my physical: this matters. A lot.

From today, it’s two weeks until December (and two weeks + a couple days until my third trimester officially begins). Today I started myself on a very basic strength program, in hopes of working out the soreness before I head to the gym. Next week I’m going to head to the gym with my free 7-day pass, and then come December 1st, fork over the money (aka motivation!) for a membership.

Honestly I love going to the gym once I’m there, so having a membership again gets me all kinds of giddy. Now to just make it through the first pains and keep going!


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