Gratitude days 15 & 16

It’s been a pretty emotional week already. I have a lot of stuff in my head, a lot of un-answered questions, as well as hopeful ideas. Not to mention I had been hoping to spend some time out of town this week with friends, but real life got a little bit too in the way. Tonight I want to give thanks for those friends anyway, my oldest and dearest.

First for my dearest Jessie: who always reaches out to me when I’ve been quiet for too long, who never judges me when I’m out in left field, and has helped me more times than I could count. We started out years ago in a place that seems so far away, and have managed to grow up and grow closer still as adulthood continues to reshape our perspectives. I’m grateful for her wisdom and humor that breathe fresh air into my day.

Also for my friend Kyle, who has empowered me with his knowledge and generosity. We’ve known each other for so many years, but these past couple years have been really important to me, as I struggled with my body and finding balance. For months I peppered him almost daily with questions about nutrition and my dietary needs, especially because of my dairy allergy, and a lack of other resources that I trusted. He never complained when I was being whiny and needy, and always reassured me that my work would pay off. And of course, it did. I owe him a huge debt in exchange for turning my health around, and will be thankful to him always.


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