Gratitude Days 13 & 14

Sometime soon I’ll be writing a post about our doula meeting tonight, but definitely not tonight. It was great & I’ll leave it at that.

Now I have to try to collect myself & do what I came here to do: give thanks. Tonight is more family style, for my awesome brother and sister!

There’s not too many people who know Josh who don’t love him. He’s one of those people completely overloaded with talent and still absolutely humble and endearing. Even more than that I’ve had the good fortune of having him as a brother and friend. When we were little we’d conspire together, often against poor Tiff. And as we grew older, our chats turned more to friends and dating, even as he tuned out my shoe obsession for hours upon hours of video games. He’s always been there for me, checking in on me when he thought I might be in trouble, and I’ve tried to always return the favor and make sure he’s as happy as I (his all-knowing-older-sister) thinks he should be. Today, with his birthday just an hour away, I’m so thankful to have him in my life, hopefully for many years to come.

Now Tiffany… well I’m glad she doesn’t hate me. Our relationship as kids was pretty rough, but through some mysterious good fortune, as we grew up, everything seemed to shift. These past few years in particular have been very special to me, seeing her break out of the ‘baby sister’ box I like to put her in, and watch her grow and thrive as a wife, and now a mother. And still through some stroke of luck, she will come to me on occasion for advice, or at least to let me indulge a while longer in my ‘big sister’ role. I love her through and through, and am grateful to be a part of her life!


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