Big plans

I am most definitely skipping my gratitude post intentionally tonight, but I still have cool stuff to say. Tomorrow we are (hopefully) meeting with the doula after we had to reschedule last week. Something about another baby… you know!

I’ve got a big meeting I’m pretty excited for, even though I’ve been grumbling about work a lot lately. The things I’ve worked really hard at seem to keep turning out well, and that makes me equally relieved and proud. There’s still a lot of projects left to tackle, but they’re slowly getting chipped away at. Go me!

Baby kicks: All. The. Time. I can’t wait until other people can feel her too because she’s such a busy bee in there! Brandon has been lucky enough to catch her a couple times, but I’m sure a few other people would like to share a moment with her too.

I’m already behind on my baby book reading schedule, so I’m hoping next week is a tiny bit more relaxed. Going to try to start things off on the right foot by going to bed early!

Tomorrow we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled updates with thanks!


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