Gratitude Day 3

Today was mind numbingly exhausting with work. So rather than complain, I will do my best to be grateful.

I’m grateful I was able to quit working for this company back in April. It allowed me to finally relax a little bit and enjoy the last month of wedding planning, as well as our actual wedding day and honeymoon.

I’m glad I had the chance to build so many great relationships with my coworkers there, and also the freedom to set things in motion that led to positive changes within the company.

I’m also thankful that they asked me to come back in a new role. It really is a great opportunity that has challenged me to do things that I’m passionate about in a business environment. I’m also so SO glad that I’ve been able to do this job from home, basically making my own hours as my pregnancy allows.

And finally, I’m thankful that after today the ‘worst’ is over, we’ll be successfully launching a new website over the weekend, and it’s not half bad.


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