A month of gratitude

Even though Christmas paraphernalia keeps popping up everywhere you look, most people are just coming down from their sugarbuzzes and thinking about turkey.

This year has been SO FREAKING amazing for me and I have so much to be grateful for, so rather than wait for a gathering around the dinner table, I wanted to share a little something each day for the whole month. Yes I realize that today is actually the 2nd day of November, so you’re getting a ‘2fer’.

First, and most obviously, I’m so thankful for my husband. Every day he shows me, in big and small ways, just how much he cares for me and our growing family. Literally, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Even when we’re kind of ‘meh’ or stressed or tired or annoyed with each other for some reason, at the end of the day, he leaves no room for doubt. It’s so hard to describe how this has changed my life over the past few years. Not to mention he’s already completely in love with this baby. It’s great to know that all the warmth and attention he’s showered on me will be shared with our whole family.

Ok, enough gushing. Moving on.

Second thing I want to express my gratitude for is this baby. Being a mother is something that I’ve hoped for for basically forever. I think it really sank in back in high school with some ridiculously idealistic thought that I could somehow change the whole world if I could leave behind even just one person who would be a responsible member of society and pass on a legacy of compassion. There were times in my life when I thought maybe I wasn’t meant to have a family, but since Brandon (I know, shuddup) became a part of my life, everything has truly come together. I’m grateful we didn’t have any trouble trying to conceive, and that so far there have been no complications. Even most of the ‘icky’ parts of pregnancy have been pretty mild for me. And now with just about four months to go, I’m so glad to have so many options to consider when planning how best to bring this baby into the world. Even with all the hard, scary, painful, exhausting days that lie ahead, I’m so thankful.


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