The real deal

For over a decade now I’ve fancied myself as a bit of a writer.

Over time there have been lots of changes to my style, my mediums, and of course, me. Blogging and journaling have been an outlet for many of the emotions, ideas, and observances that pass through my brain. Also, my family likes to stalk me and see how I’m doing. It’s taken me a little while, but I’m ok with that too.

I’ve also experienced a lot of changes to my lifestyle recently. I’ve addressed some struggles with my health and weight. I got married. And very soon, I’ll be having a baby. I can only imagine what changes are in store with motherhood and all my other pursuits.

One constant has shaped my outlook and perspective through all of these things, though: the desire to grow and become a better person. Even though I’ve probably failed as often as I’ve succeeded, this is the real thing.

So yes, this blog is all about me, my struggles, and hopefully, my successes as I search out the best version of myself.


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