The last week

Today commences Brandon’s last week at his job down the street. Next week he’ll be driving to and from Huntington every day, until we at last finish renovating this house and are able to move.
This is probably one of the biggest changes we’ve faced together thus far. At least it feels that way to me, since his job, despite varying degrees of uncertainty, has afforded us a lot of comfort, both in actual income and proximity to home. Yes, there have been other ‘big changes’ like me quitting my job (and then starting to work from home), us getting a puppy (and getting an eye opener on what sleep deprivation really means), and of course, getting married (which hardly feels like a change at all, in a good way).
It’s also weird because it feels like something we’ve been waiting on is finally happening. We’ve known that a career change like this is pretty much inevitable. And we’ve definitely always known that this is not the house for us to stay in while we raise a family. For one, it’s just too small, and for two, working on it has led us to resent it through and through. And despite helping make many of the decisions about renovations and decorating, I don’t entirely feel like this house is “ours” since Brandon bought it a few months before we met.
So I’m soaking up lunch hours together while I may. It seems kind of silly, but since I don’t actually leave the house during the day, it breaks up my routine nicely, like only a smile and a kiss could.
And speaking of, it’s that time…


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