This baby is seriously killing my back.
There may or may not be other contributing factors, like the chair I sit in for the better part of the day while working, or the fact that I’m still not doing my exercises as regularly as I should. But seriously. Ouch.
It feels like the bones in my pelvis are trying desperately to be separated from my lower spine and tailbone. Between the restless legs and the back pain, my sleep is interrupted at best. At least until Brandon gets up and goes to work, which leaves me free to flail about the entire bed until I’m reasonably comfortable.
Yes, I’m whining. But it’s 2 a.m.
I called the chiropractor yesterday morning but they can’t see me until next week, so I’m cranky. I have a spa gift certificate that I could use to go get myself a massage, but  honestly I don’t want to bend over to shave my legs. Actually, I’m surprised that even tying my shoes has started to become so much of a chore this early on. Between my boobs and my bump, there’s a whole lot of me to reach around. Who knew?
I will say this is the part about bringing a child into the world that I’ve thought about the least. I can hours imaging what the birth might be like, or what my ‘low point’ in sleep deprived new motherhood will be, or even trying to answer the inevitable awkward questions about sex and where babies come from. But the general discomfort of pregnancy somehow escaped my attention. From nausea to constipation to generally feeling off balance to the tightness in my abdomen from blowing up like a balloon, I am living my wake-up call. Sometimes literally.
I will say, I’m so glad we didn’t wait a couple of years to decide to get pregnant for the first time. Just thinking about the ways in which I’ve felt my body aging over the past few years puts a good amount of fear into me. I now have to work, like really work, to take care of myself, let alone another human being.
I’m sure this is the beginning of a thousand new aches and pains that I never thought possible, but with an ice pack pressed against my back, maybe my real wake up call is how I need to get even smarter about my body in the future. The near future, it seems.


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