Me & the baby (weight)

Food and I are definitely friends again.
I won’t say that I’m entirely over the picky eating, but there are more things that sound delicious than make me want to turn my head and hurl. And after my ‘dinner’ last night, I knew I needed to put some more intention into my eating. (Dinner was a run to get onion rings at 8pm, that’s what I swore I had to have right now.)
I’ve still been keeping tabs on my weight, and while it’s creeping up, I think I’ve been doing good so far. But with 6 more months of pregnancy ahead of me, cravings for greasy food and sweets will add up fast. And I know exactly where my diet is lacking because I’ve found myself craving salads a few times in the past week as well. So more fruits and vegetables are making their way back into the rotation, hopefully getting back up to the 6-8 serving mark soon.
And yes, I realize a basket of onion rings does not count!


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