Can I PUHLEASE just call a truce?

I’ve been trying really hard this week to get up a little earlier in the mornings, because this sleeping in until 10 is killing my productivity. Plus I’ve been noticing that as I have more energy, I’ve been slowly sneaking back my bedtime too.
So Monday I tossed and turned forever until finally around 1:30a.m. I finally conked out. Not good.
Tuesday I went to bed pretty much on time, but woke up in the middle of the night for almost 3 hours, finally getting back to sleep around 4. Also not good.
Wednesday I stayed up too late, massive thunderstorms rolled in and kept me awake, also until sometime after 1a.m. This is pretty much ridiculous.
Last night I was exhausted, got to bed right on time, fell asleep right away and actually stayed asleep most of the night until 4a.m. the dog decides to have terrible gas. Like wake you up from a dead sleep gagging kinda gas. I told Brandon to take her out last night before bed because she was a little stinky and I didn’t want to get woken up like that, but he didn’t and I had to vacate the bedroom until after 5, when I gave up and had to get more sleep.
I slurped on some (soy) yogurt when I got up, since I’m still feeling a tiny bit queasy/morning-sickness-y if I am awake with an empty stomach. I felt just fine when I went back to bed, and then the most bizarre thing happened. I sleepily turned over and felt the most compelling urge to hurl.
I turned back over, which helped a tiny bit, but found myself fighting severe nausea most of the morning and well into this afternoon. I don’t feel actually ill with any sort of stomach bug, but I haven’t felt this kind of morning sickness in several weeks. I REALLY hope this isn’t some kind of mutant relapse since the nausea I had then wasn’t completely unbearable.
So needless to say, my sleep schedule is still hijacked, probably moreso now than ever, and I have no idea what is up with my digestion. I hope my bland diet today will make for a much more pleasant tomorrow though.
Oh yes, and the ginger ale that Brandon is bringing home after work.


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