This is my new body

Brandon was absolutely endearing this weekend and took me to buy pants.
He sat very patiently outside the fitting room & even managed to not so subtly check out the ‘rear view’ in my potential new jeans and admire what he saw.
I cannot begin to extol the virtues of making a pregnant woman feel attractive, and he is doing just that, and with flying colors.
So after a couple days delay and consideration, I finally began the process of documenting my growing bump and new baby-carrying body.

Of course after a few attempts at self-portraiture, Brandon also insisted on taking a photo of me himself, so as to ensure no one thought that I was ‘one of those women with no baby-daddy.’ I swear to you, those are his words, not mine.

Yes he chopped most of my head off, after I told him ‘just the bump’. Clearly we both need some practice.
But there it is, in its 13 weeks of glory.


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