dear baby

I’m quite exhausted tonight, but staying up a little longer to write you this note. Also in hopes of not getting heartburn from the 3 pieces of lasagna that I scarfed down at your Grandma’s tonight.
Everyone is still dying to know what gender you will be, but I’m still quite ambivalent. You’re growing right along, evidenced by the external bump protruding on my belly, and I’m happy to let you just keep on plodding along doing your thing.
Actually, I’m extremely grateful that you’ve started taking up this philosophy yourself and started allowing me to do my thing as well. Even though I’m still sleeping quite a bit, I’ve felt so much more energetic throughout the day, and as long as I keep a little something in my stomach, nary a wave of nausea has hit me for a little while now. (That is, excepting the extreme case over the wretched lawn mower exhaust fumes, but even Dad says that the mower exhaust can make him feel sick too. So chalk that one up as a safety precaution.)
I’m getting more and more excited to meet you, even though I’m still pretty nervous too. And yes I’ve been kinda stressed out lately over where exactly you will be making your grand entrance. In a couple weeks we’ll be making the drive up to Goshen to see if the nice people there can help us find a little more peace. Would you like to have a water birth? I hear it’s pretty cool, and a lot more comfortable for me too. Of course, a lot of this will depend on the weather, which your Dad is very keen to point out. The funny thing is, he likes driving through snow and crazy winter weather, but I think he just wants to be sure we’re both taken care of.
Also, in case you hadn’t noticed yet, our puppy Magda seems pretty excited to meet you too. Even though she’s really too young to quite understand how this all is going to work, I think she knows that you’re in there, and you’ll be needing protected. She seems to have signed on eagerly to help us out. (Or maybe she thinks we’ll be helping her?)
Well the late hour seems to be getting the best of me, so we probably aught to head to bed. Sweet dreams little one.


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