No I’m not 6 months pregnant, I’m just fat

That might be a little harsh, but as the baby starts to give me even more ‘gut’ than normal, I’m feeling a tiny bit self conscious.
It’s no secret, I wasn’t skinny before. So everything I had read was that ‘overweight people take longer to start showing’. And this past weekend I got a dozen belly rubs and nods to my expanding pregnant shape, I’m clearly in former fat girl hell.
I used to be a lot bigger, and ever since I started losing weight it’s been a constant battle. And after dropping 30 pounds over the past couple years (and gaining back ten), seeing my midsection expand is wreaking havoc on my self image.
Yes, I know it’s normal, I’m going to get much much bigger before this is over, probably exceeding my heaviest ever weight, and that is well within reason. But something in me has yet to click that will let me enjoy the bulge.
I guess if everyone around me hadn’t known that I was pregnant, I still might pass for fat, so I should feel grateful that I’m collecting belly pats and not side-eyes.
(Note to self: stop saying “fat”.)
Hopefully my psyche will catch up to my waistline soon, so I can enjoy that, while it might be well padded, my baby is forming quite the bump on my belly.


2 thoughts on “No I’m not 6 months pregnant, I’m just fat

  1. At least half those belly rubs were from me! And I know you probably think I felt completely differently, but my bump grew so slowly at first that I thought I just looked like I was getting chunkier for a long time. I also got little attention for being pregnant until I was about 7 or 8 months along, which made me sad for awhile because I wanted to shout about my baby from the rooftops. Your head will come around eventually, just soak up all the love you can get in the meantime. It's good for your baby!

  2. Well said Tiffany! I agree whole-heartedly! I think the other half of those belly rubs are from me! I know how important it is for your baby to know that those outside love him/her. It is amazing what babies hear and know from inside the womb. It took me forever to show with you. I wore maternity clothes even tho I didn't really need them just cuz I wanted everyone to know I was pregnant. Each one of us views our weight or lack thereof from a different point of view. I looked like a boy for years….. now a beached whale…… go figure.

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