Chalk that one up to hormones

I’m not sure what came over me yesterday, or the rest of this past weekend for that matter. Between being tired, nervous and excited, I managed to lose my marbles a little bit.
Today I finally broke down and decided to search some baby websites to see when most people start showing, and it’s literally all over the board. Some as early as 8-9 weeks, some not til 16+. So right smack in the middle at  12 weeks pregnant, I will get over myself.
I also need to be honest with myself that I’m not really dressing to hide my pregnancy in any way. So of course it’s going to show that I’m more ‘middle’ than I was just three months ago cinched up in my wedding gown. And as the morning sickness fades more and more into the background, my appetite is letting me know what’s up.
And what’s up is, I’m growing a baby.


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