Get it out

Of all of the parts of pregnancy that should seem the simplest, you’d think birthing a child would rank right up there. They decide for themselves, ‘Hey I want out of here!’ You rush off to the hospital and a few uncomfortable hours later, there you have it: a brand shiny new baby.
What happens though, when the parents decide they don’t especially want to feed their baby into the normal birthing ‘system’?
I am more than a little opposed to being pumped full of drugs that tell my baby to “hurry up”, or tell me that I’m not actually in a great deal of pain, or especially having a completely unnecessary cesarean. I’d like to think that my idea of a normal birth is a lot more, well, normal.
One little piece of information I’ve heard is that using a Certified Nurse Midwife instead of an OB/GYN can greatly improve your odds of having things go more naturally. So that’s where I started. Go through my insurance provider database, and viola! Two CNM’s.
I get my choice of two dozen OB’s, but only two midwives? And through the grapevine, I hear that one of these options sometimes does things more ‘medically’ than most doctors. Eish.
So I make my appointment with the other. She’s pretty great, actually, and very down to earth. So much so that she tells me that she might not be what we’re looking for.
See, she only delivers babies during her normal office hours. Basically, Monday through Thursday, 9am-4pm.  No on-call. So if baby Kelley were to come outside those hours, I’d be back with an OB. Also known as square one.
She did however, give me the name of a birth center that’s just 20 minutes away. I couldn’t find them through my insurance, so I’ve been hanging on to the phone number in a stale sort of panic. They have three midwives who will deliver babies at any hour, they’re right next to the hospital if I’d need to transfer, and they sound too good to be true.
I told Brandon that today I would face the dragon: give them a call to see if by some miracle they accept our insurance. If not, we have a lot of choices to make. Do we go with them anyway and pay out-of-network rates? Do we look into nurse midwives who will do home births? Do we roll the dice and hope the baby comes within office hours?
I’m  not ready to give up and get fed back into the system, but finding alternatives has been a lot harder than I expected. And to think, once the baby is finally here, the real challenges begin!


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