Baby gut

I know it’s really early in my pregnancy so I’ve been pretty meticulously monitoring the scale. It seems my inability to eat in the morning has been offsetting my sometimes ridiculous cravings in the evenings. I’ve gained a pound and a half.
My body doesn’t feel like it’s a pound and a half bigger. My baby gut & bloat feel like six or eight pounds of mass making all my pants uncomfortable. Working from home has been a HUGE blessing & I’ve spent the past few weeks living in yoga pants. I have a few pairs of maternity jeans stuffed up in my closet from my appendectomy and I’m totally ready to bust them out now. I know I’m not ‘showing’ but the fact that my uterus has already grown from the size of a pear to that of a grapefruit has to count for something.
(Seriously, a grapefruit??)
I do feel kinda silly about all of this. If the clothes weren’t already in my closet, I’d probably suffer through several more weeks and walk around the house with my jeans unbuttoned half the time.
But really, is it so bad to want to be comfortable?


3 thoughts on “Baby gut

  1. Learn from me: wear the comfy pants!! You know I didn't give up my regular jeans until month 8 because I'm stubborn like that, but the maternity pants were waaay better. Just look out for the ones with a waist that goes to your boobs-you'll be hitching it up all day.

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