More pregnancy appetite weirdness…

Today started out miserable.
The thought of anything in my kitchen made me gag.
I tried a prune, and then another. After the third, I had to stop because it wasn’t working.
I made some toast with a tiny bit of honey.
I tried to drink some water, but even that made me queasy.
So I whimpered around most of the morning rubbing my belly and not throwing anything up.
When Brandon came home for lunch I finally remembered to call the dentist (they needed his soc. # for insurance) and then they offered me an appointment at 1pm. Aka, in one hour.
So I showered, fixed my face, tried to not think too much about the metallic taste of dental tools that would soon be filling my mouth, and got off to the dentist.
Now I love my dentist and everyone in their office (East State Dental, if you’re in the market.) My hygienist happened to just be back this week from maternity leave, so when I told her that I was pregnant (in case that changes anything) she was ecstatic. I totally lost count of how many times she stopped working on my teeth to ask me a question about the baby & my pregnancy so far.
So despite the sensitive/bleedy gums (thank you hormones!) I felt pretty good about the check up. And suddenly I got hungry. The first food sign I saw leaving the parking lot: coney dogs.
No appetite all day, I get my mouth picked over and suddenly I want junk food? Oh well.
I drove back up to a place closer to my neighborhood (Dawsons Dogs, yum!) and scarfed down a couple like I hadn’t eaten all day. Because, well, I hadn’t really.
So whatever, body, you will continue to perplex me for the next seven and a half months. Those coneys were awesome though!


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