I think I may finally be starting to phase out of my ‘need to sleep constantly’ period.
The only reason I’m guessing this, is because both last night and tonight I’ve had the hardest time getting tired and going to sleep.
Now, around 4 p.m. this afternoon, it was an entirely different story.
I was out running errand and suddenly I knew I had to get home, like, now. And I passed out until 6:30 this evening. Did I sleep too long? Did I just sleep too late this morning? (almost 10 a.m., don’t judge.) I’m not quite sure.
Maybe my body is just giving me the chance to finally get some exercise in, which I’m feeling pretty desperate for. I’m achy and fidgety, and not really in any sort of good way.
I guess tomorrow I’ll make it a priority to go for a good walk or stretch or see if Netflix has any good prenatal yoga videos.


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