My body is going through some weird stuff right now.
Maybe not weird, like out of the ordinary, but definitely new to me.
My mild case of occasional nausea has morphed into a serious monster to be contended with today. I really REALLY wish we had some crackers, but the leftover multigrain pancakes I made over the weekend are not making me wretch my guts out. (A little dab of honey doesn’t hurt either.)
I feel really out of my element.
All day I’m tired, at night I toss and turn and deal with another fun digestive symptom: heartburn. All of these things (I hear) are normal, and I’m not entirely miserable. Just not super pleasant. I can focus on my work and keep busy enough.
I haven’t been terribly useful around the house, though. Cleaning chemicals are not my friend and moving around a bunch just makes me either feel sick or completely exhausted.
I know…. whine whine whine.
Brandon has been pretty damn amazing though. I can tell he’s a little bit excited, and wants this to go as smoothly as possible. He’s even been pretty engaged in the whole process of how and where we want to have our baby outside the hospital ‘system’ that quite frankly, unnerves me more than a little bit.
So with all of this stuff swirling around my head (and belly), I’ve been pretty much laying low and hiding out from all my usual social engagements. I really hope no one takes it too personally. I’m just trying to get used to all of this while not gabbing anyone to death about baby stuff they could care less about.


One thought on “Preoccupied

  1. Hey! You need to talk baby, you call me, okay? Having just been through it, I can definitely sympathize with ungodly sore boobs and being wiped out. So use that phone, dear! (Or drive down here and moan on my couch!) Love you 😀

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