or rather ‘Rachael Getting Bigger’

My sister asked me if I would think about starting a pregnancy blog. I thought about it seriously, but after just shutting down my wedding blog, I decided not to leave any more trails to nowhere. And this blog is all about me,  my health and my body. And right now my body is pregnant.
Someday there might be a blog added that will be dedicated to the child(ren) as they are manifested. But for now this little pod lodged in my uterus is still a part of me. More or less.
Today I am five weeks and five days pregnant, which makes the pod-baby about three weeks and five days. Because for some strange reason they started the countdown on this baby from the last time it definitely wasn’t a baby: the beginning of my last period. (If I had known this I might have considered seriously holding off for another month so as to not confuse people: no we did NOT conceive this baby before the wedding. Sheesh.
The past couple weeks I’ve been pretty tired. Which I actually noted back here before I knew anything. Also that whole post about not drinking, well I probably wasn’t entirely honest. While I was feeling all of the things noted, I was also realizing that drinking just isn’t good for a body that’s thinking about getting pregnant soon. But since we weren’t really ‘trying’ (not not trying, was our phrase of choice), it’s hard to be up front about all that. So sorry, I guess.
My diet is a little bit crazy lately. But in a good way. I’ve been craving super fresh, healthy foods. And also bananas, which I used to loathe. I suppose choking one down here and there has finally taught me to enjoy those little nutrient packed morsels, and now I can’t seem to get enough.
Yesterday & today’s weird craving was red potatoes. Boiled and then topped with parsley, pepper & a little butter. Yesterday I was compelled to go to the store to buy them, but by dinner time I was so wiped out I forgot to actually cook them. But today for lunch… oh yeah!
And while I was at the store on the hunt for red potatoes specifically, I also managed to pick up: plums, more bananas, coleslaw mix (we already had dressing), orange bell peppers, cucumbers and banana nut muffins. (Yes, even more banana.)
I contemplated not getting the muffins, but after going over the nutrition facts, they were not that bad. And they were delicious.
Also on my to-do list: seriously take my calcium supplements (stupid dairy allergy), find time (and energy) to get exercising, and get more structure into my days, especially with starting this new job.
Finally, new the past couple days: nausea. Not as bad in the morning as in the evening. Pretty sure spicy food is more or less off my menu until February as well. The Chipotle I had a couple days ago gave me this weird blend of nausea and heartburn that I do not want to deal with ever again. Still keeping everything down, though, and eating a little something seems to help, as long as its fairly bland. (More potatoes? Sure!)
I haven’t really gained any weight yet, which I think is ok, although it depends on the source. Some say gain 10oz per week, some say that with morning sickness you may lose weight, etc.While I know that I’ll have to gain some, I’m trying to be super conscious about the quality of the foods I’m eating, so that when I’m hungry, I can eat.
Speaking of, I think we’re off to find some food. Gyro salad is calling my name!


One thought on “or rather ‘Rachael Getting Bigger’

  1. So, this is how women get to be 42 weeks pregnant and not be forced to be induced. You solved this dilema that I've been perpetually confused about. (seriously)

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