big stuff

Curious how quickly things can change.
A month ago, yesterday, I got married. A couple weeks after that a baby was conceived. And a couple weeks after that we found out for sure that I am pregnant and started breaking the news.
About two months ago I quit my job. Having left on good terms, I kept in touch with my coworkers. A couple even came to the wedding, which is where I got some really interesting news. Before, I was told they’re ‘not paying me to be on Twitter’ which was, for the most part, true. My job was customer service and I was so busy I was pulling my hair out. Which led to me quitting. However after I left, some people noticed that certain things stopped. No more tweets, the new website project was getting stale, and no one had a whole lot of time to devote to such things. It was offhandedly mentioned, why don’t we pay Rachael to tweet for a couple hours a week, a fun fact I learned on my wedding day.
Oh the irony.
Which led to the hatching of a seriously great plan to put me in charge of all the social media, and help with getting the website launched (finally).
Late Monday I sent my proposal and by Tuesday afternoon I got the call that they were accepting it and wanted me to come in today to sit in on a meeting they already had scheduled to talk more website stuff.
I’m not going to lie, I’m really excited about this job. Getting paid to connect with people and research technical articles while flexing my creative muscles? From home? Bring it on!
Oh and we’re pretty stoked about the baby too. And some other cool stuff that is just starting to be in the works! It feels like a whole new year (minus the cold and snow) and excitement and change are in the air!


One thought on “big stuff

  1. Rachael, I am so truly proud of you! God is blessing you richly with a good husband, a child, and a job you can do mostly from home! I am praising Him for His goodness to you! You are a good worker and a wonderful woman who will be a great wife and mother. You love reaching out to others and this seems like an awesome fit for you! Love you so much Mom

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