It’s been a pretty crazy month.
No really.
And there’s one thing that’s been on my mind a bit, but I’ve been wary of mentioning it, lest it be misconstrued.
I’m a social drinker. This is no shock to anyone, I’m sure. Usually I’m really good at keeping it light and fun, but I’ve found myself starting to slip into some bad habits. I’m not drunk every weekend by any means, but the occasional ‘over-did-it’ has crept into my life a little more often than I’d like, lately.
And in the past when I feel myself straddling a line I’m not comfortable crossing, I just step completely back. A couple times in college I went so far as a “No Drinking, No Swearing, No Sex” phase, just to get myself re-centered on, well, me.
A nice, clean, relaxed, and healthy version of me. (If you knew me then, this was a serious change of pace.)
I guess what I’m saying is, I’m giving up drinking for a while. I don’t know how long… at least until I find that place where I don’t feel like I’m being excessive anymore.
It fits in well with my life right now, too. I want to be healthier, exercise more… enjoy my life and my body. And since Brandon doesn’t drink anyway, I’ll be getting lots of support to keep on track with my goals.
I’d like to say it’s no big deal, but I think every conscious decision to better yourself is something note worthy. So I’m putting it out there.
On to the next big thing!


2 thoughts on “excess

  1. I pretty much gave it up in my 20's do to my work schedule, (A lot of overnight radio airshifts).Then over the years would have some on occasion, but rarely to feel relaxed.I've noticed in the past couple of years that I have averaged 1 drink per month or less.What helps is I don't hang out with drinkers, I know a few alcoholics and don't want to ever become one, and the price. Last night, Kathy & I went out with friends for dinner and our bill was $25 less due to the difference in alcohol consumption.

  2. I am proud of you Rachael! There is nothing wrong with stepping back and re-evaluating your life and your goals. Shows incredible maturity to say no even if you don't have to!

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