Identity crisis

So it’s been almost two weeks since the wedding. Since then we honeymooned, got insurance paperwork done, I went ten thousand places getting the rest of the world caught up on my name and then I…. did the dishes. And a couple loads of laundry. And hung out with the animals. And cleaned out my closet.
And today, I got my hair cut.
Like a lot.
Pictures from this morning:

And this afternoon:

I’m fairly certain my husband is going to freak out. I’ve told him for at least three months that I would be doing something drastic like this. I even tried to show him pictures.

The funny thing is, to me, it was way weirder to go to the BMV and getting my name changed on my drivers license. It’s something that most people will never see. Nor my new (shaky) signature.
Changing my hair is easy, almost second nature if you’ve known me very long at all. But who am I now? Brandon’s wife? Home maker? That girl rocking the super short hair?
And in time some of these labels will change probably… and new ones will be added. For now I’m just getting settled in my skin. Again.


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