I’m trying to figure out what time I should set my alarm for tomorrow.
It’s the day of my wedding & I don’t want to be running late.
I don’t know if this day has snuck up on me or if it’s been planned out so far in advance that I’m over prepared. No definitely not over prepared; I don’t think anything can really prepare me for the weight of tomorrow’s events. I’ve known this man for five years, every day he makes me laugh. I know that will not change.
I have to put on a beautiful dress & try to remain composed and graceful. I get to tell Brandon, in front of all the people closest to us, that I love and cherish him. And then we will celebrate!
And then, I’m pretty sure life will go on.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Rachael, this is your day to cherish and remember forever.I am so proud of you, love you and Brandon and grateful to have you as my daughter.This day with all the added excitement and even without is one that I will cherish and hold in my heart as I hand you over to your husband who also loves you with all his heart.Love, Dad

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