For all intensive purposes, the wedding is two days away.
I have tomorrow, in which I will get my hair done, go decorate, go to puppy class and then hopefully sleep before things start getting really exciting.
And I have Friday, in which friends and family come to town, last minute things are touched up, we rehearse and have dinner, and I get some small measure of sleep before leaping out of bed to be married.
I’m honestly pretty relaxed. And I’m very very proud of how I’ve been taking care of myself the past couple days. Eating a very strict diet, drinking lots of water (about a gallon a day), getting plenty of sleep, and dropping weight because of it. It’s not a crash diet by any means, just buttoning down and doing what I should have for weeks (and months) now.
I’ve also been tracking my calories to make sure I don’t eat too little, which may seem silly. But the first few days of a diet are the hardest, and when ‘punishing’ your body by getting your portions back in line, it’s not that hard to do. If you plan to be hungry you can just as easily under-do it as over.
I planned this week very well with lots of fresh veggies in the house, pre-prepared so I could easily grab them when I needed. And healthy proteins are a staple, portioned out to keep me full throughout the day.
Sometimes I wonder: is it harder to learn what to do, or to actually do it?
For me, it’s clearly the latter, but I grew up learning to cook and to be conscious of the things I was eating because of my food allergies. But I know for many, they might be able to point out healthy foods at the grocery, but would have no idea how to get them on a plate. And still others are completely brainwashed by healthy branding and slogans, they have no idea what is in the food they’re eating.
I know I’m still very far from perfect, but I hope I can spend some time sharing what I’ve learned. And also be better to myself. If I can lose 5lbs in 2 days (water weight, people! Try a low sodium/no processed foods diet!) and feel that much better about myself, what can a lifetime of due diligence bring?


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