This is it

Three weeks and three days to go. I have a million meetings, plus a trip out of town to squeeze in. Plus I’m going to be squeezing into my dress if I don’t buckle down my diet/exercise plan. All that weight I lost? Yeah, the past few months of pure stress undid a bit of that hard work, so now I’m not 100% comfortable with the way I look in my dress. Bleh.
Aside from that I have a fairly giant to-do list of DIY stuff that I  need to get under control.Mostly a lot of finishing touches & packing things up so it’s all ready to go. Also I desperately need to get in touch with the event coordinator at the museum so I can get everybody their schedules for the weekend. I’ve called twice and sent one email. If I don’t hear back by 4:30 today I’ll be calling to see whom else I can speak with. It seems very unlike her to not get back to me right away, so I’m hoping there’s a good reason for this falling off of communication.
I have hair appointments, makeup appointments, DJ appointments, photographer appointments, and hopefully very soon a venue appointment. Oh and I have an interview tomorrow morning for a part time job. I’m not 100% sure why I decided to throw that one on myself, but it seemed like a good opportunity that I didn’t want to pass up. It has nothing to do with sales and everything to do with helping people. Pretty much perfect from where I’m sitting.

That’s all for now. Million things to do!


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