over again

Got up this morning and had some coffee. After the full water-belly subsided, I got dressed and headed up to a local trail to run. The track is a mile and a half loop with plenty of little hills and twists for fun. So I get there and I run… about 500 feet before the first hill and suddenly I remember that I haven’t ran in months. And I’m an idiot. I slow to a brisk walk up the hill, jog down and realize I’m totally not prepared to run a mile and a half on a treadmill, let alone outdoors in the wind and with real scenery (aka things I might trip over). I was pretty bummed about a half mile in & started mentally beating myself over the regression. Somewhere in that second half mile I started to realize that it was just fine if I kept myself at a good brisk pace of walking/jogging and by the time I got back around to my car, I decided to make another trip around even if it was just walking. So I pumped my short little legs around one more lap until my stomach decided I really should have had a more significant breakfast & I headed home to scarf an egg/eggwhite sandwich. And some grapes. And some soy yogurt.
Thoroughly unimpressive, but for a first day back after sitting on my bum, I’ll say I did pretty well at not overdoing it as well as not underdoing it. So, meh. More tomorrow.


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