I’ve been doing a terrible job at taking care of myself lately.
I guess that’s part of why I quit.
Today was my last day, after four and a half years at my old job.
After all the hard work I had put in to losing weight and getting healthy, I was losing the battle again primarily because of work stress. Compounded with wedding stress, and puppy stress.
Quite frankly, I’m worth more.
So after a lot of deliberation with Brandon, we decided it was time for me to move on. To what? I really can’t say. I’m in a really lucky place where if we keep our budget zipped up and tidy, I don’t have to work. And Brandon is the kind of amazing partner who will let me explore all the possibilities until I find something that makes me happy. I can write, I can work out, I can stay home with Magda and cook and clean and do whatever it is I need to.
It’s hard to believe, even seeing it in writing in front of me. In June I’ll probably start looking for ways to supplement my income though. I like a challenge, and I have a lot of passion for a lot of causes, and I should use the time I have wisely.
And honestly if I wanted my old job back, it will probably still be there waiting for me, in some fashion. I don’t think that’s where I’m headed though.
I really want to get this book idea manifested. And I want to affect change.
I want to find a better version of myself and, perhaps more importantly, find a way to maintain it.


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