Check your mail

Invitations are OUT!!
So so so relieved to have something honest to goodness done.

Other than that it’s been utter madness around here. I also had my first dress fitting yesterday and I’m officially known around the bridal shop as “the one who lost all that weight”. I guess I’m ok with that since the seamstress told me not to lose another ounce. My dress does fit pretty perfectly 😀
And since there’s that my final fitting might actual be next Saturday, but I’ll probably be putting my dress on again early in May to make sure the glove is still glove-like.

Also, there’s a ton of DIY stuff that really needs to be hammered out, but I’m trying really hard to give my mom a break at least until after this weekend’s baby shower for my sister. Must not freak out….. must not freak out… must not freak out…


One thought on “Check your mail

  1. We are doing great Rachael! After all the talking and shopping it is mostly me that has stuff to do and you can focus on all the other stuff! I do love you so much and thank you for your patience! I was frustrated too!

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