I think we’re going on 5 days now of somewhat decent levels of sleep, lack of annoying puppy behavior, and life is starting to regain some sense of normalcy.
And with that normalcy comes desire to do things that fell along the wayside that I would consider normal. Like go to the gym. I’m pretty sure that my gym membership expired this week though, and even if I am getting a decent amount of sleep, I’m not sure where I would fit in time to go to the gym anyway. I even want to run (Ha!) even though a mile was quite a chug for me even when I was attempting to run on a regular basis. So now I need to decide if running is worth running outside for me.
Or I can try getting my cardio kick indoors on DVDs. Time become much less of a factor, but the privacy to do all sorts of goofy shit while sweating my ass off is hard to come by.
I think the only solution to this is to ask Brandon where he prefers I spend my time.

The other significant change I’ve noticed lately is being ravenously hungry. At least it seems ravenously, but since I’m not tracking my calories lately, I don’t know what my actual intake is. I was worried that it was stress eating and not being actually hungry, but my weight has remained really steady over the past few weeks. I don’t think I’m honestly getting that much more physical activity, even with the puppy, so I have no idea what to attribute it to. This one might have to remain a mystery for a while, because I probably won’t take the time to track my calories again until I figure out some kind of work out routine. (Why not? Dieting alone doesn’t really make me lose weight, and working out makes me even hungrier, so it’s only worth while to make sure I don’t eat my efforts.)

How do you make time to maintain good habits?


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